The art of tackling change.

No organization is the same. Neither are their cultural & systemic issues. Together, they create highly individual change.

Cultural change.

Every organization consists of its people. And since they're all different, the entire organization is truly unique - and fragile. Cultural change hits hardest where people and new strategies won't match. M&As are a classic example. Simply focussing on numbers is the worst approach here: culture is about people. Getting them "back in the boat" will not only fix but boost the numbers. That's why our focus is on the people - the true engine of any organization.

Systemic Change.

Information is everything. Utilizing and maintaining information systems is key to success. To stay competitive, these systems -often heavily customized- need to be adapted over time. Sounds like an easy thing to do for anyone without contemporary IT background, but: migration complexity increases with the mix of heterogeneous legacy systems and the data that comes with them. Divas among experts add to the chaos. Hence, we make them cooperate.

"We presumed a classic all-round, one-fits-all approach. What we got was a unique, tailor-made mix of methods."

N. Endres, CEO / Esperta

How we tackle change.

To enable change, we unfreeze eroded organizational culture & structure to allow change to spread throughout the entire hierarchy. Finally, we refreeze core parts while leaving the rest open for constant, iterative, self-powered innovation. This way, your organization is both re-stabilized and flexible to quickly adapt to future challenges.


Aside of combining well established, tested, scientifically proven and contemporary best-practice tools & methods with new, sometimes seemingly radical yet genuinely innovative approaches to change, we pride ourselves in letting you decide on how deeply you get involved. The more you do, the more enduring the results.