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Strategy Advisory

We understand your business. With our detailed expertise across a wide range of highly dynamic industries, you have a partner who talks your industry’s language. Rather than just recycling dated management concepts, we use our in-depth know-how to boost your competitive edge & advantage.

Organizational Development

We specialize in large-scale OD, particularly in organizational restructuring & development, e.g. after mergers, acquisitions or during temporary agile inter-disciplinary co-operations. To ensure success, we combine the very latest scientific models with state-of-art methods & best practice know-how, tailored to your individual industry.

Executive Sparring

In time-critical, strategically precarious, risky situations, it’s good to have an experienced sparring partner at your side. When times get rough, most executives feel terribly left alone. It’s just natural they’ll appreciate pro-active, hands-on guidance. As such, we can operate in the background or actively lead projects – or both.

Additional services

There’s more we can do for you.

Global Coverage

Wherever you are, we’re there too. Based in the heart of Europe, we have excellent, direct access to any means of transport. This enables us to quickly help right then when you need it and right there where it’s required. Globally.

Leadership Coaching

Other than in leadership training, where added knowledge comes from us (and might fade away when we’re gone), coaching effectively helps digging out your very own submerged talents & know-how. This way, you’ll achieve results with unparalleled sustainable effects as they are, carefully accompanied by us, worked out by yourself.

Free Coffee

Beyond business, people at EMBRACE enjoy good coffee. Not just any coffee, of course. We indulge ourselves with some of the finest sorts of coffee, enjoying it in its purest form – or with far too much cream. And since we’re so fond of it, we’d like to share our passion with you: drop us a line & we’ll send you an invitation to have coffee with our CEO.

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What our clients say.

“I had the pleasure and privilege to collaborate with Thomas during our studies in Business Administration and I was immediately impressed by his wide range of competencies and interests, his passion for change and innovation, and his target oriented approach. On top of this, he is a real global citizen with a strong international background and a genuine curiosity for different cultures and approaches. All these elements, combined with a remarkable professional experience, make him an extremely brillant and competent professional to work with.”

Roberto De Martin CTO, Hyundai Italy

“I happily recommend Thomas for any large-scale organizational change management assignment based on his long-standing experience with intra-organizational psychological dynamics of large, internationally distributed teams, his way to drive results, his hands-on attitude and his excellent troubleshooting skills, bringing together people who would otherwise be unwilling to cooperate.”

Juliana Idrobo Piquero Senior PM / Global Blue

“Thomas is a highly energetic productive maker who can recognize the opportunities of any given situation, creating from it the best possible result. He excels in assessing, developing and challenging personalities. His diverse experience is an asset to any project.”

Martin Forisch System Architect / Global Blue

“What helped us most is that he’s more than able to see the big picture, easily recognize complex relationships and thus provide for sound solutions for problems of any kind as a highly committed, competent troubleshooter.”

Vojkan Radak System Architect / IBM

“By introducing decidedly disruptive innovation at our institute, including the radical shortening of our time expenditure, our turnaround times were reduced by 80%, helping us form a very clear competitive advantage – an integral part of our rigorous digital transformation.”

Nada Endres CEO / TSNE

“I would warmly recommend Thomas to any business facing major situations of change. Above and beyond, it has been a pleasant experience to have such a dedicated expert with us who managed to surprise us with his knowledge.”

Dragan Nenadović CEO / Galenika Fitofarmacija

“What stood out in Thomas aside of his particular skills, was his attitude and demeanor. Being insightful, compassionate, broad minded, diligent and practical, he puts forward his best effort into whatever project or assignment.”

Visakh Pillai As. General Manager / Gulf Petrochem Group
“Quickly and efficiently helps integrate and get to the same table subject matter experts of all fields who would hardly find common grounds to exchange internal knowledge without Thomas’ compelling, persuasive influence.”
Cholohelo Logabane CEO / Sekao International Energy Resources Ltd.

Why change if everything’s perfectly alright.

A classic statement the majority of -unconsciously misinformed- managers comes up with when confronted with change. Most prone to this effect: people in leading positions with little to no grounding, i.e. lack of situational reflectiveness and market awareness, causing a toxic working environment based on internal competition, mobbing and fear of job loss. It's an unfortunate yet typical cycle: managers in such settings won't receive objective, fact-based information on the state of their business from yes-men fearing to be replaced. As a consequence, they can't see any need to responding to changes on the market, their business environment and disruptive changes linked to their own industry. Inevitably, this leads to wrong strategic decisions not corresponding to actual strategic requirements towards market, competition, staff, resources and, of course, stakeholders. And this, ultimately, changes everything. This is how even the strongest organization can be hazarded from within. That's why change is a necessity.

  • No one induces change "for fun". It's a necessity to stay competitive.
  • Most organizations deal with change. Those which don't quickly fall back.
  • Change is the only way to continuously balance & stabilize organizations.

Mastering change?

Fail & give up
Fail & retry
Survive & master
Lead change


Our approach.

To see how change affects your organization and what we do to help you make the very best of it, have a look at this short, 67 seconds video presentation. If you don’t have that time, here’s what we do in a nutshell: We get organizations back on track, guiding them through uncertain, economically rough phases and making sure they won’t fall back into instability after our assignment is completed. To do so, we use an “economedic” approach, allowing us to look at organizations as what they really are: a living organism made of people. It’s simple: When you feel sick, you call a physician. When your organization’s immune system is destabilized, you call an expert to fix it. If it’s urgent & can’t wait, you call EMBRACE.

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